Quality lighting in your living room

Quality lighting in your living room is very important if you want to have a classy space in which to receive your guests and for them to be impressed by the decoration and good taste of the space.

That’s why we recommend classic style lamps, which are timeless and will always have that elegant and quality look we look for in a classy lounge. There are many different models to choose from to suit the rest of the decoration and also personal taste.

Large lamps for large rooms with high ceilings

Large lamps are ideal for larger rooms, especially those with high ceilings. A single central lamp can be placed or several lamps can be placed depending on the size of the room and its layout.

For example, a large L-shaped room will need at least two matching lamps to be properly lit. The same model can be chosen, in a larger size for the larger space and in a smaller size for the area with less square meters.

There are different styles of lamps that can be hung more or less depending on the type of ceiling. In those open rooms with high ceilings, hanging lamps with several floors can be absolutely impressive.

Classic and elegant recessed lights for lower ceilings

Classic and elegant style recessed lights are the most appropriate type of lighting for lower ceilings from which a large lamp cannot be hung. They allow lighting the whole room or only the lower areas of it in the case of rooms with different heights.

The recessed lights are placed avoiding to do it in a linear way because the tendency is that they do not follow a certain scheme. But always bearing in mind that no spaces with shadows are created.

Classic entrance lanterns

And for everything to match, the entrance to the house must also be beautifully lit, and this can be achieved with an elegant classic lantern. This type of lighting element is perfect for the entrance. They are height-adjustable and their classic look fits in with the type of lighting we have talked about.

Now you know how important it is to have quality lighting in your living room. Follow these tips and you will have a very elegant living room with which to impress your guests.

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